Büyükelçi Cemalettin Aydın’ın Zafer Bayramı Resepsiyonu Konuşması

Hartum Büyükelçiliği 02.09.2014

H.E. Abdel Rahem Mohammed Hussein, Minister of Defense of the Republic of the Sudan,

H.E. Siddiq Mohamed Ali, Deputy Governor of Khartoum State,

H.E. Mohamed Yousif Abdalla, Chairperson of Defense Committee of the Parliament,

Lieutenant General Siddiq Amer El Hassan Ali, Director of Intelligence and Security of the General Staff,

Major General Mubarak Abdallah Babiker, Head of Department of the International Relations of the General Staff,

H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Elkarib, Director of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

H.E. Ambassador Mahmoud Hassan Elamin, Director of Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Representatives of the Sudanese Armed Forces,

Dear Colleagues, Military Attaches and Members of the Diplomatic Corps,

My Fellow Countrymen,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight, we have the pleasure of having H.E. Defense Minister to officially inaugurate the opening of Our Military Attache Office, as well as proudly celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the Victory Day, a milestone in our history. Therefore, I would like to welcome you all to this august gathering.

As Colonel Çağlayan mentioned, the victory that our heroic army won under the command of Mustafa Kemal, was a turning point in the Turkish war of independence. On this occasion, we remember our founding fathers and all the heroes and martyrs with profound respect and appreciation. This victory, in 1922, paved the way for the liberation of the Turkish territory and the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923.

On this important day, I would like to emphasize the role played by our military in that decisive moment. We are proud of the Turkish Armed Forces for their prowess, audacity, discipline and achievements.

Your Excellencies,

Dear Guests,

Turkey and Sudan share deep historical bonds and a common vision for the region. We are proud of our excellent relations with Sudan.

We take pride in our historical relations and look to the future by getting strength from that solid base. Therefore, we are committed to work hand in hand with our Sudanese brothers and sisters and to share our knowledge and experience as equal partners for peace, development and prosperity in this beautiful country.

Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentleman,

During the last months, we have witnessed in our military relations the beginning of a new era.

Barbaros Turkish Maritime Task Group, activated by the Turkish Naval Forces visited Port Sudan in June 2014. This fertile visit also had an historical meaning as being the first visit between the two Naval Forces. During the visit of Turkish Maritime Task Group, joint health and military training programs was conducted on board and some aid materials was distributed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to thank the Sudanese Navy for their memorable support and hospitality during the visit.

The military relations between Turkey and Sudan have reached a new stage by the opening-up a military attache office on 1st August which will be inaugurated officially tonight by H.E. the Minister of Defense. Now, I would like to acknowledge our first Military Attache Senior Colonel Serdar Çağlayan and to congratulate him again in the presence of our distingueshed guests for his appointment. We hope that excellent political relations already enjoyed by the two countries will reflect on the military field by the help of Senior Colonel Çağlayan.

By means of our military cooperation agreements, Turkey will support the strengthening of the capabilities of the Sudanese Armed Forces as a national institution. Following the entry into force of the “Framework Agreement on the Training, Technical and Scientific Cooperation in the Military Field”
in Sudan, hopefully the military relations between Turkey and Sudan will enhance more.

Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to express once again our gratitude for joining us
on this very special celebration

Before concluding, allow me to address briefly in Turkish to the Turkish community present here:

Saygıdeğer Vatandaşlarım,

Tarihimizin en önemli günlerinden biri olan 30 Ağustos Zafer Bayramını sizlerle birlikte kutlamaktan büyük mutluluk duyuyorum.

30 Ağustos 1922 tarihi, Türk ulusunu esir etmek ve Türkiye’yi parçalamak isteyen güçlere karşı, kadınıyla, erkeğiyle ve Kahraman Ordusuyla verilen savaşın sonunda, bağımsız Türkiye Cumhuriyetine giden yolu açan Zafer Destanının yazıldığı gündür.

Bu önemli günde, zaferi bize yaşatan Büyük Komutan Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ve silah arkadaşları başta olmak üzere, bağımsızlık mücadelemizin bütün kahramanlarını, aziz şehitlerimizi ve gazilerimizi minnet ve şükranla anıyor, kahraman ordumuza takdir ve şükran duygularımızı yineliyoruz.

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentleman,

Thank you again for being with us this evening.
Good evening.