Büyükelçi Sayın Cemalettin Aydın'ın 29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı Resepsiyonu Konuşması

Hartum Büyükelçiliği 31.10.2016

H.E. Modathir Abdulghani Abdelrahman, Minister of Investment and our Guest of Honor

H.E. Dr. Taris Tawfiq, State Minister of Cabinet Affairs,

H.E. Osama Faisal, State Minister of Investment,

Honorable Members of the Parliament and Sudanese-Turkish Friendship Group,

Leaders & Representatives of Political Parties,

H.E. Ambassadors and DearColleaguesfrom theMFA and DiplomaticCorps,

Representatives of Sudanese Army, Security, Police Forces and other Government Institutions,

Members of the Press and Media,

My Fellow Countrymen,Saygıdeğer vatandaşlarımız,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are celebrating the 93rd anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

I welcome and thank you all for sharing our pride and happiness.

I especially thank His ExcellencyModathir Abdulghani for joining us tonight on behalf of the Sudanese Government.Ahlanwasahlan!

At the outset, I would like to express that it is a great honor for me to pay our utmost respect once again to our Great Leader and Founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and all the Heroes who have fought and gave their lives for our independence and welfare, including the ones who sacrificed their lives in defence of the democracy, freedom, government and state during the terrorist coup attempt on July 15, 2016.

Distinguished Guests,

Turkey faced an unprecedented challenge to its democracy on the night of July 15. Members of Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETO) attempted to overthrow the government, to assassinate the President and bombed the Parliament and other government buildings. They martyred 242 innocent persons using fighter jets, tanks and heavy weapons, and wounded nearly 2200 people.

This heinous coup plot was planned and carried out at a time, in which our country has been already fighting the PKK/YPG and DEASH terrorism.

However, as a result of President Erdoğan’s sagacity and fortitude, Government’s strong stance, heroic reactions of patriotic units of security and police forces and above all, bravery of our people, the bloody coup attempt has been repelled in a few hours.

Now, we are at the second stage, uprooting the elements of FETO from Government institutions, cutting out its financial resources and obstructing its activities overseas.

Our fight against FETO will continue unabatted within the rules of the declared State of Emergency and principles of democracy and the rule of law. Our country certainly will emerge stronger from this battle. Today, I am pleased to inform you that everything is under control and despite all domestic, regional and international challenges, our economy is as strong as ever and it continues to grow steadily with mega investment projects proceeding full force.

We are pleased to see brotherly Sudan on our side, in these difficult days. The resolute support we have been receiving from H.E. President Omar Al Bashir and the Sudanese Government as well as the solidarity shown by the people of Sudan in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist coup attempt, in fact shows the strength of the bonds between our two nations.

Foreing Minister H.E. Ibrahim Ghandour visited Turkey just last week as the Special Representative of the President Omar Al Bashir to convey Sudanese support and solidarity against the heinous coup attempt in Turkey. We very much appreciate for this very timely and considerate visit.


Dear Guests,

We are all witnessing significant and critical developments in the course of Sudan’s history as well.
We are pleased to observe the successful completion of the National Dialogue Process, which was initiated by H.E. President Omar Al Bashir in 2014, at the Final Session of the National Dialogue Conference on October 10, 2016 whereby National Dialogue Document was adopted. We sincerely congratulate Sudan for this historic success and strongly urge the holdout groups to join the process as well, in order to reach lasting peace and development in Sudan.

We are also content with increasing peace and security in Darfur and other areas of Sudan.

In this regard, I would like to reiterate our strong commitment to continue our support for the political reconciliation and the implementation of the National Dialogue Document as well as other political and economic reforms initiated and led by H.E. President Omar Al Bashir.

We firmly believe that Sudan with further unity, political and economic stability will play a stronger role for the security, stability and prosperity of wider regions. Again, Turkey stands ready to bring any contribution, whenever required.

On this occasion, I would like to emphasize that, Turkey has always been calling on the international community to appreciate Sudan’s contribution to the regional peace and security and thus, end its unfair treatment and lift all sanctions against Sudan.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Now, I would like to briefly touch upon current status of our bilateral relations with Sudan.

Turkey and Sudan have long and deep-rooted historical, political, economic, religious and cultural ties and relationship. Turkey sees Sudan as a

crucial partner and its gateway to Africa. Therefore, we attach utmost importance to peace, security, stability, development and welfare of Sudan and its brotherly people,

as Sudan is the key country for the stability of the whole region. We are determined to further strengthen and diversify our already excellent cooperation in all fields.

We have seen many high level visits between the two countries in 2016, latest being the visit of H.E.
Foreign Minister Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour to Turkey on October 26, 2016, during which we also discussed bilateral, regional and international issues.

Secondly, Turkish-Sudanese Friendship Groups in our respective Parliaments were re-established, which will pave the way for further cooperation between our Parliaments.

Thirdly, we have opened an Honorary Consulate in Vad Madani, which was inaugurated by H.E. President

Omar Al Bashir. We are in process of opening another one in Port Sudan soon.

We have also took important steps, in strengthening the legal basis of our relations.

On the other hand, our bilateral trade volume has reached to 450 million USD with a 40% increase in 2015. It has also seen a 20% growth within the first 8 months of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015 and hit 345 million USD. Turkish investments in Sudan have also surpassed 600 million USD.

I am happy to announce that, in order to enhance our cultural ties and exchanges, we are now opening Yunus Emre Cultural Center in Khartoum on Street 60. The Center will start its activities in November 2016.

Distinguished Guests,

Looking ahead, 2017 will be a year, in which we will carry our brotherly relations to new heights, through our common efforts, in many fields, including agricultural sector.

Turkey will also continue its humanitarian, technical and developmental assistance, as well as restoring historic and culturally important monuments like historic buildings in Suakin Island, Masjid El Kebir in Khartoum, Sultan Ali Dinar Palace Museum in Al Fasher/North Darfur, etc. We appreciate Sudanese authorities’ close coordination with TİKA, our development agency, in conducting all these activities.

Dear Guests,

Ladies and Gentleman,

Please, allow me tosay a few words also in Turkish to the Turkish community in Sudan andshare the message of H.E. Recep
TayyipErdoğan, President of the Republic of Turkey.


TürkiyeCumhuriyeti’ninkuruluşunun93.Yıldönümünüve29EkimCumhuriyetBayramı’nı kutlamanıngurur,heyecan,sevinç vecoşkusunuyaşıyoruz.

Buanlamlıgünde,baştaCumhuriyetimizinkurucusuUlu Önder Atatürkvesilaharkadaşlarıolmaküzereİstiklalmücadelemizdetümemeğigeçenlerive

CumhuriyetimizinveVatanımızınilelebet varlığını sürdürmesi istikametinde bugüne kadar kanları ve canlarıyla yılmadan mücadele eden azizşehitlerimizivegazilerimizirahmetveşükranlaanıyoruz.

Aynı şekilde, 15 Temmuz terörist darbe girişimine canları pahasına kahramanca karşı koyarak tarihi bir dayanışma örneği sergileyen halkımızı saygıyla selamlıyor, bu esnada hayatlarını kaybeden demokrasi şehitlerimizi rahmetle anıyor, gazilerimize şükranlarımızı sunuyoruz.

Buvesileyle,SayınCumhurbaşkanımız Recep Tayyip

Erdoğan’ın29EkimCumhuriyetBayramıvesilesiylegöndermiş olduğu mesajı sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum.


Bugün, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’ün önderliğinde ilan ettiğimiz, son devletimiz Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin 93. kuruluş yıldönümüdür.

Esarete ve dayatmalara rıza göstermeyen Türk Milleti, istiklaline ve istikbaline kasteden işgalcilere karşı başlattığı kurtuluş savaşını, tarihte benzeri görülmemiş bir kahramanlıkla zaferle taçlandırmıştır.

Bu büyük zaferin ardından, 29 Ekim 1923’te, “egemenlik kayıtsız şartsız milletindir” ilkesi ve ülkemizi muasır medeniyetler seviyesinin üzerine çıkarma hedefiyle Türkiye Cumhuriyetini kurduk.

Cumhuriyetimizi, 2200 yıllık devlet geleneğimiz ile yaşadığımız coğrafyadaki bin yıllık Selçuklu ve Osmanlı mirasının, o günün zor şartlarında elde edilmiş bir kazanımı olarak görüyoruz.

Türkiye Cumhuriyeti, 93 yıldır karşısına çıkan zorlukların üstesinden gelerek yoluna devam etmiş, bilhassa son dönemdeki atılımlar sayesinde, bugün dünyanın yükselen güçleri arasında yer almayı başarmış bir devlettir.

Büyüyen ekonomisi, güçlü demokrasisi, temel insani değerlere olan bağlılığı, ilkeli ve vizyoner dış politikasıyla Türkiye, bölgesinde ve dünyada bir ilham kaynağı olmayı günümüzde de sürdürüyor.

En son 15 Temmuz 2016 gecesi yaşananlar, milletimizin devletiyle ne kadar bütünleştiğini tartışmasız şekilde bir kez daha teyit etmiştir.

Milletimiz, yeni işgal girişimlerine karşı da, İstiklal Harbindeki kararlılıkla mücadele edeceğini, o gece tüm dünyaya göstermiştir.

FETÖ mensubu hainlerin silahlarına göğsünü siper ederek, özgürlüğüne, demokrasisine, hükümetine ve devletine sahip çıkan milletimizin azmi, Cumhuriyetimizin 100. yıldönümüne hasrettiğimiz 2023 hedeflerimize ulaşma konusundaki en büyük güvencemizdir.

Bu büyük devletin ve bu kahraman milletin Cumhurbaşkanı olmaktan şeref duyuyorum.

Dünyanın neresinde olursa olsun, tüm vatandaşlarımızın ve dostlarımızın da, milletimizin 15 Temmuz’da yazdığı destandan gurur duyduklarına inanıyorum.

Cumhuriyetimizin 93’üncü yıldönümüne, hem bir darbe girişimi, hem bir terör saldırısı, hem de bir işgal teşebbüsü olan böyle büyük bir badireyi atlamış olarak ulaşmış bulunuyoruz.

Şundan tüm vatandaşlarım ve dostlarımız emin olsunlar: Bugün Türkiye, 15 Temmuz sabahı olduğundan daha güçlü, daha dirayetli, daha kararlı bir ülkedir.

Birliğimize, beraberliğimize, kardeşliğimize, vatanımıza, istiklalimize ve geleceğimize kast eden hiçbir saldırı başarılı olamayacaktır.

Hedeflerimize ulaşmamızın önüne, ne terör örgütleri, ne de onları kullananlar geçebileceklerdir.

Bu duygu ve düşüncelerle, Türkiye’de ve yurt dışında yaşayan tüm vatandaşlarımızın Cumhuriyet Bayramını gönülden tebrik ediyorum.

Cumhuriyetimizin banisi Gazi Mustafa Kemal başta olmak üzere, bu toprakları bize vatan kılmak için fedakârlıkla mücadele eden tüm gazilerimizi, bu uğurda canlarını veren tüm şehitlerimizi rahmet ve minnetle yâd ediyorum.

Ecdadımızın emanetine sahip çıkan kahraman milletimize ve bize dualarıyla destek olan tüm dostlarımıza en kalbi şükranlarımı sunuyorum.

29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramımız kutlu olsun.

Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN


Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentleman,

My wife and I once again welcome you warmly and wish you a pleasant evening.Thank you again for being with us.

Now, I would like to invite H.E. Modathir Abdulghani Abdelrahman to the podium to deliver His remarks on behalf of the Sudanese Government.